Beckie Weinheimer

Beckie Weinheimer is an award-winning young
adult novel. Converting Kate is her first book.

Beckie team teaches with Kathy Erskine, a National Book Award Winner, at the Writer's Center.

View a video of Beckie sharing the book's synopsis.

"Beckie Weinheimer's tender debut novel explores what happens when a girl outgrows her religion and starts searching for something else to believe in."
- Viking Books

"Richly multilayered characters, portrayed with empathy, make this debut novel a strong addition to a growing body of works about adolescents seeking to reconcile the cohesive faith of childhood with the fractured religious diversity of the adult world."
- Kirkus Reviews

"[Kate's] plight will likely strike a chord with any teen who has struggled with a belief system that has been handed to them." -Publishers Weekly

Converting Kate